Wednesday, February 8, 2017


It was happened on 17th January 2017. Nimal is a 55 years old father of two children. He was inhumanly tortured by Ingiriya police. He was assaulted by the police personal requesting illicit liquor. He was injured severely.

 He was admitted first at Ingiriya hospital for two days but  the hospital authorities neglected to treat him. Then he admitted to the Horana base hospital. There a police personal assaulted him again inside the hospital saying you were going to file a lawsuit against the police. The following day he was discharged without treatment without introducing him to the judicial medical officer and even ignored to give him a medical bed ticket card. 

Because of unbearable pain he went to a private dispensary. The doctor at that place forwarded him again to the Horana hospital with a request letter. The ward no 15 of the Horana hospital had treated him well. He was admitted there for four days. The Judicial Medical Officer examined him. He got a bed ticket card. 

After releasing from the hospital he has made complaints to the inspector general of police and the human rights commission. 

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