Thursday, April 20, 2017

No probe by Payagala police against house burnt.

T. R Pushparani 37 years old married with two children reside at no 56 Jawaththa .......... Tele 077 .......The complaint was made on 19.04.2017. 

On 18.04.2017 around 8 pm I came to Malegoda Temple road with two children to see my husband who was coming home from office. We were stopped by Susantha his elder son Udayanga young children Kavi and Thanuka. They threatened us saying hacked my husband and burnt the house. When we were proceeding on the road Lushan came by a motorcycle. It was stopped and Lushan said we burnt your house and said they were going to the police station. Dilhani, Susantha and Udayanga accompanied Lushan. I called 119 and reported the case. At that time we were at the Malegoda temple. They came, fire brigade and electricity board also came. 119 told us to complain at the police station. 

We went to the police station. They recorded my complaint. I asked a receipt but they did not give. They told me to wait until the Officer In Charge returned.  After half an hour the OIC came and said we ourselves burnt the house. 

After that my elder son Isuru Dananjaya 13 years Hishan Madushanka 9 years were taken to the room of the OIC. My children later told me that they were threatened by the OIC and told them to accept that we ourselves burnt the house and if so the police would build our house.

The police kept my two children inside the room and tortured mentally. The police also threatened me using filthy language and said my two children would be sent to the probation if we did not plead guilty. 

After that my husband was taken to the OIC's room. The police threatened my husband and alleged him taking drugs and said I myself burnt the house. 

Now we don't have a place to reside. Our clothes and children's school books and all things were burnt. The cost of burning goods were valued around five hundred thousand rupees. 

Up to now the perpetrators are not arrested. The police not yet report the case to the court. Because the police is good with the perpetrators. 

I request the Inspector General of Police to take legal actions immediately against the alleged perpetrators.

038 2231419
077 3201270    

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