Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fabrication Of Charges By Bulathsinhala police

W. K Lal 50 years old NIC No 661764201 V Married five children Occupation Valdin laborer Reside at Near Temple Diyakaduva, Mahagama Tele No 071 0498232

This complaint was made on 01.04.2017. On March 2017 around 9 at night I was at home. Two police personal attached to Bulathsinhala police arrested me.

They came by the police jeep. They informed me that I was arrested regarding a complaint about an assault. I was taken to the police and put inside the cell. Before put into the cell the police recorded a statement from me.

 I clearly complained that I was arrested regarding a fabrication of charge of a woman. I claimed to make an investigation regarding this false complaint.  The police refused it. The following day until 12.30pm I was kept inside the cell. They did not give even water to drink. There were three including me inside the cell.

The following day around 12.30 pm I was produced before the Mathugama Magistrate court. The police requested to remand me because the assaulted woman was in the hospital. The court ordered to release me on police bail and ordered to appear before the court on 29 March 2017.

I appeared before the court on 29th March 2017. The court ordered me to release on surety valid Rs.200,000/= and appear before the mediation board. The court informed me next court hearing will be 23 August 2017.

I was pressurized like this because I requested Manjula a tryshaw driver to return (who had a deficit of) Rs.6000/= because of val din work that I gave him. This try shaw driver called Manjula's aunt  had an  illicit affair  with a police personal called Meththananda attached to Bulathsinhala police.

I request to pay attention regarding the chances of future attempts of fabrication of charges.

I request to take legal actions regarding the officer in charge and the other police personal who make fabrication of charges on me.

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